Thursday, December 08, 2011

Luthier Kris Barnett : Kris Barnett Guitars

About Kris Barnett and KrisBarnett Guitars from

Being completely self taught luthier, Kriss practiced making guitars for around 3 years part time and have moved to full time for more than 2 years or so. He is self taught in literal sense, as he has never worked in a guitar shop and never really has done any repairs.

Explaining his philosophy, Kris says, My goal is to create a concert instrument that is instantly recognizable aesthetically and acoustically. Each guitar is entirely handmade using the highest quality materials and never with any pre-fabricated components or computer controlled machines. The entire process is completed single handedly with the highest of expectations for sound and playability.

Each guitar carries a delicate blend of modern and traditional concepts. Because I have built so many different types of instruments, I am able to combine a variety of techniques that allow me to produce a uniquely made guitar that has great volume and projection while maintaining complexity, beauty, and soul.

Kris adds further, My instruments are continually evolving in my never ending quest for the ever elusive perfect sound. My design is influenced by scientific principles and is refined using experience and intuition. Science and experience are often contradictory in practice so the luthier is faced with the unique challenge of combining the known and unknown to create something inspiring. My hope is that you will appreciate my work as not only a musical instrument, but as a work of art.

More information on Kris (including links to his interviews, photo gallery, sound clips etc.) and his guitars can be found on his beautiful site Kris Barnett Guitars.

P.S. As Kris's site is created in flash, http links to various pages and guitar pics is not available.

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