Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Luthiers Paul & Kyle Burner : Burner Guitars

About Paul & Kyle Burner and Burner Guitars from www.burnerguitars.com/

Burner Guitars began in the summer of 2008 after Paul and Kyle participated in a week-long workshop to Saylorsburg, PA and built two acoustic guitars under the guidance of master luthier Kevin Gallagher of Omega Guitars. Their natural talent and comfort with wood found them desiring to take what they had learned during their time with Kevin and expand it to creating guitars of their own design.

To chronicle their love of the process they posted photos of their creations on a web community called the Acoustic Guitar Forum. It was on this forum that their skills were noticed and they were encouraged to 1) continue their process of becoming luthiers and 2) sell their guitars. It was the positive feedback they received on their first 3 guitars that has set this dream in motion. Paul and Kyle heartily acknowledge Kevin Gallagher and the community of guitar makers on the OLF (Official Luthier's Forum) for giving them the guidance they needed to become better makers with each new guitar project.

Paul Burner : Graphic Designer, Guitar & Vocals in "The Wheezetones Band", Worship Leader. Built first guitar in 2008 - Amazon Rosewood/Sitka.

Kyle Burner : Finishing Master's Degree in Civil Engineering, Guitar Player, Singer. Built first guitar in 2008 - Maple-Flame Hog-Maple/Sitka with Florentine Cutaway.

BurnerGuitars offer two models, LS and MS.
Photographs and specifications of BurnerGuitars can be found at their beautiful site.

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