Wednesday, May 18, 2011


About LuthierDB

LuthierDB is a database about Luthiers. A luthier is one who makes stringed instruments like Lute, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin etc. However, initially at least, LuthierDB will be a database about Guitar makers. I will keep adding information about Luthiers around the globe to create the database more n more comprehensive. Later on, if I find time, I will extend the scope of the database as well. As such, the very nature of content in LuthierDB is dynamic, as info gets added, refined, or even removed. So keep visiting frequently to find out what's new!

The purpose of this blog is to provide information on (hopefully) most luthiers around the globe and direct the readers to the luthier's site, may they wish to know more. In most cases, there is much more information on luthier's site than I can show here in a single post. However, it's easy to come here and browse through the archives than search google for the same purpose. You can always resort to google later if you get interested in something or someone!

community participation is what will make LuthierDB fulfill the purpose of it's being. So, if you want to participate in improving LuthierDB, report broken links, provide your feedback, Let me know about Luthiers not already featured on LuthierDB, help me rectify inaccuracies and of course, suggestions are always welcome! If you really like LuthierDB, share the site with your friends by clicking any of the sharing options available on the site and in every post.

To make most out of the information presented on LuthierDB, you need to know the site. Take few moments to read FAQ page to familiarize yourself with LuthierDB.

A Little disclaimer is in order here, as it is not covered in other parts of the site. All the photographs you see on LuthierDB are hosted on respective Luthier/copyright-holders' sites and are properties of respective owners. I have merely linked them. Just like google links them. Moreover, I contact respective luthiers to review the content about the post related to him/her, to avoid any possible trouble due to unforeseen reasons. If a luthier or anyone has a problem with any content on LuthierDB, make your issue(s) known to me in comments section of relevant post. I will try to rectify the issue(s).

About Me

I am Mitesh Patel, a Chemistry graduate and Guitar Enthusiast from India. My other interests include Movies, Music, Literature, Computer Graphics, Vintage Motorbikes etc. I love guitars (?!). About 2 years back I came to know what a luthier is, and since I wanted to make a guitar for myself, I kept on collecting information regarding Luthiers and Guitar Building. Recently, I decided to document this information in form of a blog. So here it is. I have had much help in my research from many guitar communities (on internet) and google. Now it's my time to give something back!

P.S. I will keep revising the site, including this page, as and when I get more time, so stay tuned!