Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This page enlists acknowledgements for all the help/encouragement/inspiration I received from various individuals/sources.

Firstly, the incredible google search and blogger community has made possible the infinite customizations I was able to accomplish on this blog.

Aesthetic design of the site is inspired by exceptional wordpress theme 'Polished' from elegantthemes, unfortunately, the template is not available for blogger.

The sliding cursor below menu is made possible using jQuery plugin 'LavaLamp' by Ganeshji Marwaha.

The slideshow in each post is created with help of jQuery 'Cycle' plugin by Mike Alsup.

The modal box (pop up) photogallery is realized using 'PrettyPhoto' jQuery plugin by Stephane Caron.

The navigation pager at the bottom is created by a widget script developped by Abu Farhan.

The ScrollToTopControl script (right side bottom button) was implemented from Dynamic Drive DHTML code library.

Different visitor tracking systems used in the blog are by courtesy of RevolverMaps, ClustrMaps and SiteMeter.

Sharing functionality (sharing buttons at the end of each post) is implemented courtesy of ShareThis.

Comments are powered by 'Disqus'.

The site itself is hosted on Google Blogger platform and the Awsome Inc. template (created by Tina Chen) was used.