Monday, September 19, 2011

Luthier John Mayes : Mayes Guitars

About John Mayes and Mayes Guitars from

John Mayes started making guitars in the mid 90's and then went to work for Dana Bourgeois at the start of Pantheon Guitars. Later he went on to create his own Mayes guitars.

In early 2007 he went to work for McPherson guitars and created guitars there for 2 years. Early 2009 moving back to Oklahoma City, he went back to making his own guitars. John has contributed to creation of over 1000 guitars between his own Mayes guitars and Bourgeois and McPherson.

John offers three models, L-32, SD-43 and MJ-45.

John also has many recordings of his guitars on his site, Linked below.

SD-43 Adirondack/Indian - Eli Menezes
L-32 LS Redwood/Quilted Mahogany - John Mayes
SD-43 Adirondack/Indian - Mark Philpot
SD-43 Adirondack/Indian - Koo Chung
Drednaught Adirondack/Brazilian - Joe Morrow
Ukulele Redwood/Brazilian - Hidehiko Ohashi
Drednaught Adirondack/Brazilian - Andrew Peterson
Jumbo Parlor Adirondack/Brazilian - Eric Peters

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