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Luthier Lucas Brunner : Brunner Guitars

About Lucas Brunner and Brunner Guitars from http://brunner-guitars.com/flash/

Lucas grew up in a small town in Switzerland. His dad had a shop for custom-made furniture, thus Lucas was accustomed to working with wood from a young age. He began to play guitar at the age of 14 and from that point on, his interest in guitar making started to grow. In 1992 at the age of eighteen he built his first Guitar, a dreadnought, during his apprenticeship as a cabinate maker. Lucas says,Creating acoustic guitars is more than craftsmenship to me, it's a real passion with many aspects. Being able to create things, and particularly fine guitars, is a real privilege and I look at it as a wonderful gift from God who created us in HIS image also as little creators. I want my guitars to reflect some of HIS goodness and creativity he put into us.

Brunner Guilars was eslablished in 1995 when Lucas started his own business at the age of 21. As a cabinetmaker he started off making custom furniture as well as guitars. Over the years, by making his own experiences and being in touch with different guitar makers all around the world, some fascinating high quality guitars were developed. Especially through the invention of the Outdoor Guitar, their the business has grown a lot in the past few years and Lucas is now working with a team of 2-3 workers. Innovations have always attracted Lucas and being an innovator himself, it was always rather natural to seek - for new and different solutions also in the area of guitar making.1997 the first "Outdoor Guitar" was created for Lucas's tandem-bike honeymoon trip around New Zealand and Australia. After being encouraged by many people Lucas decided in 2001 to start making the OG in small series. Over the past years the Outdoor Guitar has become popular and it is still the main product ever since.

Lucas, along with his Outdoor Guitar offers custom guitars as well.

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