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Luthier Joel Stehr : Stehr Guitars

About Joel Stehr and Stehr Guitars from http://www.stehrguitars.com/

Creativity. Design. Craftsmanship. When these skills are applied to some of Mother Nature's finest woods to shape an instrument possessing subtle harmonic qualities, you have my definition of an acoustic guitar. Not coincidentally, creativity, design, craftsmanship, wood and making music define significant elements of my life and livelihood as well. These words sums up why Joel is a Luthier!

Joel began his journey into the lutherie world in 2000 because it afforded him the opportunity to shape the most amazing woods on the planet into functional art objects that display the wood's aesthetic and acoustic beauty. Even better, He could have the opportunity to share the joy of making custom guitars with customers: together, they can handpick each piece of specialty wood that goes into crafting a one-of-a-kind instrument.

Joel is mostly a self-taught luthier, the basic theory of creating acoustic guitars came from books, magazines, DVDs, the internet, and feedback from seasoned luthiers. Synthesizing those theories and learning the practical how-to of making acoustic guitars, however, took place in the workshop of trial and error.

To augment his guitar making knowledge and skills, he attended the American School of Lutherie in Portland Oregon with Master Luthier Charles Fox. Joel describes this experience as Learning from the dean of educators in the field of guitar making - a man whose innovative techniques and ideas have single-handedly changed the way many modern luthiers approach the process-was an enlightening, unforgettable, and skill-enhancing experience.Joel believes, making a guitar requires technical expertise and intuition; it is never merely a mathematical or scientific process. I make what feels right to me, allowing my senses and instincts to guide me to a finished instrument. The result is a source of pride for both the owner and me, the culmination of a shared vision that incorporates some of the best things in life into a custom guitar.

Joel offers following models.
Auditorium | Grand Auditorium | Dreadnought | Jumbo | 00 | Small Jumbo | 8/12 String

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