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Luthier Jim Worland : Worland Guitars

About Jim Worland and Worland Guitars from

Jim began making instruments when he was 16 by taking scrap wood and mounting old microphone parts for pickups. Those experiments weren't very successful but they sent him on a path to being a full time musical instrument maker.

His first foray into acoustic instruments began in 1991 when he made a simple wooden banjo as a wood working project. As he got his courage up, he began to make acoustic guitars for himself and was amazed that his crude guitars played and sounded so much better than his nice looking factory guitars. His playing took off to a much higher level and he was sold on the benefit of a hand made instrument.

In 1997 Jim studied with Charles Fox and began to set up a guitar making shop. Eventually he was able to quit his day job as a design engineer and work on his guitars full time. Currently, Jim makes custom guitars and other string instruments in his shop full time. He also teaches guitar making on a one-on-one basis and occasionally take on an apprentice to help out. Jim says, Simple or elaborate, the instruments I create are custom made according to whatever the customer wants. What I enjoy doing most is collaborating with artists and musicians in designing and creating their dream instruments. The greatest payment I receive is to hear the new instrument being played by its new owner and seeing the smile on their face as they see and hear it for the first time.

Acoustic Guitar April 2007 referred to Jim with the words, "Luthier Jim Worland makes just about anything that has a soundbox and strings. His offerings start out with very affordable steel-string flattops and move all the way into outlandish multi-string harp guitars."

The Models page on Jim's site categorizes his offerings as "Six-String Guitars", "Unusual Instruments" and "Very Unusual Instruments", one may visit Jim's site to see what does that mean!

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