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Luthier David Antony Reed : DARLuthier Guitars

About David Antony Reed and DAR Luthier Guitars from

Like many, David came to Luthiery out of necessity.

He had always wanted to have a guitar and learn to play but could never afford one. David, by chance, got to play and examine a friend's guitar, and realised that he could probably make one if he had certain machined parts (like, machine heads, Strings, Frets etc.). So he took many measurements of his friend's Guitar and went to local guitar shop, ‘Bandwagon” in Perth (Scotland) and inquired if he could buy some machine heads, strings and fret wire. The owner, Pete, happily obliged and said he’d like to see it (the guitar) after David was done. Thus started David's pursuit to become a Luthier.

Then, David visited a local timber merchants and got some high grade oak veneered ply wood, some pine for braces and blocks, some oak for a fingerboard and a pot of wood glue. They asked david there as well what he was up to and after telling them, one old man offered to give him a spoke shave to shape the neck, which he delivered to david, and he still uses it to this day! So, with a scaffolding plank for the neck, the wood I’d bought, the machine heads and fret wire, some ceramic tiles for inlays, golf tees for bridge pins, some brass for a nut and saddle, some very basic hand tools and a ‘Black and Decker’ workmate, I set about making a guitar and finished a couple of weeks later.

David, then took the worst guitar one may imagine to the guitar shop where Pete laughed at his efforts, nonetheless, he said it worked right enough and encouraged David to make another with the proper woods, and to take “a lot” more time over it. He also gave him some suppliers’ details and a bit of advice on what guitarists want. Two years later after another instrument and a good few repairs David received an unconditional offer to join the second year of the guitar making course at ‘Anniesland’ college in Glasgow. David did another two years at ‘London Guildhall’ after that. In years to follow, David has earned a reputation as a Luthier of creative and innovative Guitars and some awards as well.

David offers three acoustics, namely Auditorium, Vault Back, Gent and a hybrid electric.

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