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Luthier Brian Applegate : Applegate Guitars

About Brian Applegate and Applegate Guitars from

Brian's Decision to become a luthier began during his trip to Spain in 1997. While visiting the historic Alhambra in Granada, he purchased a classical guitar from a nearby luthier and was privileged to tour his shop.

Although brian had always loved woodworking and had a passion for guitars, his time spent marveling at that luthier's shop and beautiful instruments spurred an epiphany that he wanted to become a guitar maker, himself. Brian's interest quickly became a passion and then an obsession to create the finest guitars possible. Brian built his first instrument in 1998 and quit his day job in 2001 to make guitars full time, thus, Applegate Guitars was born.

Brian acknowledges...
My rapid progression in this craft would not have been possible without the instruction, guidance and inspiration from master luthier Jim Olson. Jim is clearly one of the finest luthiers in the world, but also a mentor and good friend. My life took a very fortunate turn the day that Jim allowed me nto his shop to "help out" a bit. Clearly that was the experience that served to help me launch Applegate Guitars. because of Jim's generosity and continuing mentorship, I am forever in his debt. Take a look at some of his new, always inspiring work on his website.

Brian says, It's a wonderful hobby which has taken control of my life. I feel exceptionally fortunate to be able to do what I love - creating fine custom guitars. I cannot wait to get down to the shop each day and continue working. It is my hope that the passion I have for this craft and my desire to perfection is evident in each guitar that I make.

Brian offers five models, SJ (Small Jumbo), Jumbo, Jumbo Baritone, Classical and FS (Finger Style).

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