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Luthier Michael Bashkin : Bashkin Guitars

About Michael Bashkin and Bashkin Guitars from

Michael's love for guitar making grew out of his interest in wood. He began making guitars in 1994 during his graduate studies in forestry at Colorado State University. While subsequently teaching tropical forestry in Belize, Central America, Michael took the opportunity to hand select many of the unique woods which are featured in his guitars. Along the way, he had the opportunity to study with noted luthiers Ervin Somogyi and Harry Fleishman. His approach to guitar-making, emphasizing a seamless connection between aesthetics and functionality, has been influenced by the work of both these master guitar makers. In 1998, Michael opened a shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, making guitars full-time.

Previously, Michael was a soil scientist for the U.S. Forest Service, a research assistant at Duke University studying tree response to climate change, and a commercial photography assistant in New York City. His love of photography and of Japanese wood-block prints is ingrained in his approach to guitar making, particularly in his Collector Series guitars, (African Blackwood OO-12 Fret and the Great Wave models).

The clean lines and subtle textures of Michael's Guitars owe a great deal to his love of nature as well. He has always enjoyed studying environment and recreating in the beautiful Rocky mountains. In 1992, Michael spent five months hiking the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada. Michael especially enjoys building with alternative woods that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Michael says, Wood is one of nature’s most remarkable gifts. The ideal guitar allows the wood to fully express itself, both visually and tonally, with every element in perfect balance. It also faithfully expresses the personality of its owner.

Michael offers following models...
Placenia (OM) | Belleza (Grand Concert) | 00-12 | SJ-12
Presentation Series :
African Black Wood 00-12 | Great Wave | Flute Player | Santantonio

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