Friday, May 27, 2011

Luthier John O'Hanesian : DryCreek Guitars

About John O'Hanesian and DryCreek Guitars from

John made his first guitar almost 30 years ago when he was eighteen, at Charles Fox’s school in Vermont. Currently, John's work is divided between repairs for local musicians and making custom acoustic and electric instruments in his one-man workshop in Healdsburg, California.

His first job was making mandolins and folk instruments for Bruce Anderson in Santa Cruz, CA. He has apprenticed with archtop maker David Morse in Santa Cruz, where he shared the shop with a young Jeff Traugott and Al Markasky, future owner of Sylvan Music. He (John) has repaired instruments at Jon Eaton’s busy shop (Woodsong’s Lutherie) in Boulder, Colorado.

John then launched 'Green Mountain Guitars' which evolved into a partnership with the Breedlove Guitar Company, subsequently, John moved to Bend, Oregon. John designed and created a line of small children’s/travel guitars with Breedlove guitars in Bend, Oregon before moving to Healdsburg some ten years ago to help start C Fox Guitars, where John served as a Production Manager. Dry Creek Guitars debuted at the 2007 Healdsburg Guitar Festival.

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