Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luthier Brad Daniels : Kolaya Guitars

About Brad Daniels and Kolaya Guitars from kolayaco

Brad received a back and side set of east indian rosewood and an adirandack spruce top for his 20th birthday from his in-laws. Knowing that brad was a musician/handyman, they thought a luthiery project would be fun thing for brad. Little did they know that 'fun' would be a massively understating word to describe what brad was going to feel about luthiery, a better word to describe which would have been "obsession".

Brad acknowledges, "Virgil Shouse, who is a long time luthier and my new grandfather was kind enough to embark on the journey of my first two guitars with me. More than I could ever repay is owed to that man."

Brad adds, "Like the rest of the luthiers out there I am passionate about this craft, but aren't all artists passionate about their work? It's a labor of love and even if I never sold another guitar, I will continue on with this until for one reason or another I am unable. A kolaya guitar is built with the idea in mind that it will be loved and played for a lifetime and passed on for generations."

Visit Brad's site for more info on Kolaya Guitars.

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