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Luthier Harry Fleishman : Fleishman Instruments

About Harry Fleishman and Fleishman Instruments from http://www.fleishmaninstruments.com/

Harry Fleishman has been making custom acoustic guitars, basses and pickups (which he referes to as innovative and creatively conceived) for more than 35 years.

From a very early age Harry was inspired and obsessed with music and art. He loved fixing things, even when it meant breaking them first. By the time he was 14, he was playing in bands and doing some recording as a backup guitarist for singers. Through the sixties, Harry played with the Mugwumps and later with the Drifters, the Soul Brothers and other soul bands. For a while during the late ‘60s he was an in-house songwriter for Criterion Music Co. in Hollywood. Harry started building his first instrument when he was fourteen, but built his first legitimate instrument, an electric upright bass for bowing, in 1969. During this time he built an ultralight, minimalist bass for Bob Drake, which later morphed into the BASSIC IV, a right-hand tuning bass weighing five pounds.

By the mid-seventies Harry was focusing much of his energy on acoustic guitars and electric basses. Over the next couple of decades he developed the voice of his guitars and began experimenting with new shapes, multi-wood tops, multiple soundholes, asymmetry, and unusual bracings to further refine the unique voice for which he was aiming. Likes of George Holmes of the Inkspots (plays both fretted and fretless Bassic-IV basses), Dave Pomeroy, (has played one of Harry's EUBs for about 25 years) and such play some of over 340 instruments from Harry's shop.

Harry builds about eight guitars and acoustic basses each year, in his Sebastopol, California shop. Harry is the director and primary instructor at Luthiers School International, and formerly directed the American School of Lutherie. As an active member of the Guild of American Luthiers, Harry has lectured on acoustic guitar amplification and chaired a panel on unconventional acoustic guitar design. He has lectured internationally on the topics of guitar design, amplification, acoustics, and multi-scale fretboards. Harry's research and experiments in asymmetric design, multi-soundport and multi-tonewood instruments, as well as his work developing lightweight basses, have influenced many builders. Harry is a former Revell model car contest winner.

In addition to building custom instruments, he designs for several companies, notably Fender Musical Instrument Corp, and spends about half of his time teaching guitar making and directing the Luthiers School International in Sebastapol, California. He is currently writing a book on advanced guitar making theories and techniques for luthiers, players, and collectors, and trying to find a second verse for one of his songs.

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