Monday, May 23, 2011

Luthier Dimitri Tenev : DMT Guitars

About Dimitri Tenev and DMT Guitars from

Dimitri M. Tenev has been repairing stringed instruments and making Guitars under the name DMT Guitars in Albany, CA for quite some time now. He loves archtops.

Dimitri was born in Bourgas, Bulgaria and studied fine arts in Sofia, Bulgaria and Madrid, Spain. He has worked as a cabinetmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tony Marcus applauds Dimitri's guitars with this words, "Dmitri Tenev is on a quest for that great, fat old archtop sound that most modern luthiers disregard. If you're a guitarist who wants tone rather than just a collector who wants flash, a DMT guitar would be a good choice." While, Eric Schoenberg (of Schoenberg Guitars) regards Dimitri as "Very strong, up and coming builder, and suggests, "keep your eyes on him!"

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