Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luthier Matthew Mustapick : Mustapick Guitars

About Matthew Mustapick and Mustapick Guitars from http://www.mustapickguitars.com/

Matthew started luthiery in 2003. According to Matthew's philosophy, a guitar is characterized by three criteria named Beauty, Purpose and Character.

Although he concedes that sometimes dazzling woods seem to contribute the essential beauty in a fine handmade instrument and that this is often a very lovely part of the allure, he believes that the real essence of beauty in a guitar has much more to do with the details of tonal balance, power, ultra-precise playability, and fine craftsmanship. Working with the finest materials provides him inspiration to make something that would excel in all these aspects.

He adds, When you pick up a great instrument, or any other finely made thing, you feel right away that there's something entirely right about it. Every detail contributes something particularly relevant, and the result is a singular, thematically unified creation of beauty, purpose, and character. I strive to incorporate this singularity into every one of my instruments, and in this way, I am very proud of the results.

Currently he offers following models...
Allegro Classical | Arena OM | Aurora | Concert Nylon Crossover | Baritone | Extra-Stringed Instruments

Sound samples of some of Matthew's Guitars...

8-String Guitar-Bass - shown here
"Goin' to California", played by Jim Saxa.
"Reputation" , original music from Jim Saxa.

7-String Concert/Baritone - Six strings at normal concert pitch, plus a low 7th string tuned to A.
"Red Rain", played by Victor Tsaran.

"Shenandoah Somewhere", played by Matt.
"Cherry Blossoms" & "Track of Whack", two sketches from Ben Bording.

"Thunderclouds", original music from Jim Saxa.
"Taste of Honey", played by Tim Drackert with the Rio bassa nova group.
"Little Martha", performed by Dave Hilyard.
"Huckle-Bari Farm", original composition performed by Don Alder.

Concert Nylon
"Desafinado", performed by Bob Basa.

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