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Luthier Burton Legeyt : Legeyt Guitars

About Burton Legeyt and Legeyt Guitars from http://legeytguitars.com/

Burton has been making guitars since 2005 out of his small ground level shop on a quiet side street in Brookline Village, Massachusetts.

After attending art school in New York City and playing music all over the East coast, he settled in Boston and began making handcrafted picture frames for fine art in the city. That woodworking experience gave him the courage to begin to experiment with making stringed instruments and after a few simple designs he began to work seriously on making steel string guitars. Burton believes that the craft suits his ability for intense focus and the enormity of the nuance of the modern guitar excites his curiosity and creativity.

Burton says, Artistically, I very much enjoy the designing of each instrument. I am influenced by “sacred” geometry, or the strict adherence to geometric principles found in Buddhist and Renaissance painting. Most guitars share very similar outlines and these principles help to make the guitar work as a whole by defining the relationships between things like the upper and lower bouts and their subtle curves as they relate to the guitar as a whole. I incorporate these relationships into each of my shapes and appointments and I feel that it does enhance the overall unity and beauty of the designs.

Burton adds, As a musician I love and respect a very wide range of music and as a guitar player I crave a guitar that will allow me to rapidly change styles and have the instrument keep up with me. For guitars that I create for myself, this balance of attributes is one of my primary goals. I need the responsiveness that a sensitive instrument allows but not at the exclusion of projection. I desire the cutting power of a Selmer style gypsy guitar but not at the expense of a nice warmth to the sound. I always love the rich and full sound of simple chords played in open position but I also need clarity, sustain, and a balanced response in the notes played in chords and alone up to and above the 12th fret. And most importantly, I need the guitar to want to be played, for the music to come easily and joyfully from the strings. In my mind the most amazing thing about a well balanced guitar is that it doesn’t fight the player but instead assists actively in the transfer of music from the creativity of the player into the air around them. Finding the balance between all of these opposing characteristics is what I search for more than anything else in my work. Doing so helps me to understand the different processes and techniques that result in that balance and that knowledge gives me the ability to control each function in a custom ordered guitar.

Currently he offers following models...
CL | CLM | B & B12 | CG

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