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Luthier Greg Gwaltney : Gwaltney Guitars

About Greg Gwaltney and Gwaltney Guitars from

GwaltneyGuitars is a one-man luthier operation. Greg prefers it this way, he enjoys touching all aspects of the process with his own hands, to create an instrument through feel, intuition, and a bit of science mixed in. Greg agrees to a certain degree that the guitar is a complex “machine” and it is difficult to understand its workings, but he believes that the human hand, ear, heart, and mind, working together, naturally provide clear direction in guitar-making. He further asserts, it is essential to start with the finest woods available, to maintain them at the proper humidity and temperature, and to have a clear understanding about the nature of the organic parts and pieces used to create an instrument.

Greg feels fortunate to have been trained with master luthier Ervin Somogyi, and attributes much of his success and progress to those things that Ervin shared, the knowledge that he (Greg) would have found difficult to acquire singlehandedly with trial and error approaches. Greg considers guitar making his passion.

Gregg has recorded two of his guitars (with help from Jason and John at Vintage Music in Dahlonega, Georgia), audio samples of which are linked below...

(Track 01 to 06, 000-13 fret to the body, Australian Blackwood back and sides with Lutz Spruce top, light gauge strings)
Track 01 | Track 02 | Track 03 | Track 04 | Track 05 | Track 06
(Track 07 to 10, 000-13 fret to the body, Honduran Rosewood back and sides with Lutz Spruce top, light gauge strings)
Track 07 | Track 08 | Track 09 | Track 10

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