Monday, June 13, 2011

Luthier Don Sharp : Sharp Guitars

About Don Sharp and Sharp Guitars from

Don began making handmade guitars while living near the Martin Guitar factory, which he visited many times. The more he visited, the more he wanted to learn to make a guitar with its own unique sound. The more he played, the more he wanted a guitar that suited his own playing style.

In 1988, Don built his first guitar from scratch (no kits), and a luthier was born. His love for making guitars prompted him to earn his masters degree in physics at Auburn University. Constantly a student, he continues to learn, drawing inspiration from respected luthiers in the guitar maker community. Through their influence, Don has created his own "signature sound" which he describes as "refined and well-balanced with extra sparkle." At the 2009 Healdsburg Guitar Festival, he introduced a new bracing style, which he calls "contemporary".

Robin at Guitar Gallery had this to say about a guitar using the new bracing method: "This guitar is fantastically muscial. One hears all kinds of natural reverb and pure overtones. Not a jumble of sounds, but lots of color to each note with a purity. Quite hard to describe, but unbelievably beautiful in person."

Don offers following models...
Grand Auditorium (SC) | Dreadnought (D) | 17" Jumbo (J) | Small Jumbo (SJ)

Audio Samples of Don's Gutars...
Flamenco: Claro Walnut / Engelmann Spruce Sharp Custom (by Brien Flynn)
Fingerstyle: Claro Walnut / Engelmann Spruce Sharp Custom (by Dr. Michael J. A. Robb)

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