Saturday, June 18, 2011

Luthier Chris Wood : Chris Wood Guitars

About Chris Wood and Chris Wood Guitars from

Chris says he makes guitars, simply because he loves the instrument, and he loves wood.

Chris has been making things - all kinds of things - from boyhood. Typical of boys who grew up in the 60s, Chris began making model cars and airplanes from an early age. By the time he was a teenager, cars had become his main preoccupation. As a child growing up in Kansas, Chris found that he took after his Grandpa Red, a heavy equipment mechanic who possessed an innate and finely-honed ability to fix things. When he met his wife, a lifelong guitarist, he wondered if he could make a guitar for her, and the answer was... of course! With a broad grasp of the world of tools and how they work, and having been blessed with very fine hand skills, Chris has been able to conceive of — and make — just about anything he thinks of, so why should making a guitar be any different!

Chris offers two models, Dreadnaught and 000/OM.

Sound clips of Chris's guitars are linked below...

Quilted Mahogany, "Mexico"
Quilted Mahogany, "Norwegian Wood"
Mahogany & Sitka, "April Come She Will"
East Indian Rosewood & Redwood, "Scarborough Fair"
Claro Walnut & Engelmann Spruce, "Home Sweet Home"
Claro Walnut & Engelmann Spruce, "Big Yellow Taxi"

Video performed by Gene Anderson (playing an original piece, "My Pony Likes to Ride"), singer-songwriter based in Anchorage, Alaska on a Chris Wood Guitar 000 mahogany & sitka can be found on Chris's site.

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