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Luthier Adrian Lucas : Lucas Guitars

About Adrian Lucas and Lucas Guitars from

Adrian was born in Lincoln, England in 1957 and began playing guitar at the age of fourteen. In the late 70s he studied architecture, and left college with a degree and a sense of structure and form. A stint as a joiner reinforced his interest in working with wood, originally absorbed as a child in the environment of the family joinery business. Meanwhile constant activity as a musician deepened his understanding of the guitar from a player's perspective.

Adrian began making guitars in 1990 at an evening class under the tutelage of Roy Courtnall, learning traditional Spanish methods. Having set up his own workshop, he soon began exploring ideas from many other makers as well as developing his own concepts, and has experimented with and refined these over the years. He has always listened to feedback from the most demanding of players and simultaneously has become sensitised to what he is listening for in a great guitar.

During his time as a guitar maker, Adrian has illustrated a book on guitar making, 'Making Master Guitars' by Roy Courtnall (Robert Hale 1993). Adrian says...This has become something of a standard textbook in the field and was a real stepping-stone in his own research and guitar making methods. Adrian has taught guitar making classes over the years and is currently teaching classical guitar making two days a week at Newark College in Nottinghamshire. He regularly shows his work at exhibitions in both the UK and the USA. Adrian is still active as a musician and s involved in various collaborative projects.

Adrian offers two classical models,
Santos | Radial
and five Steel String models,
Pavilion | Baritone | Arbour | Rufus | Parlour

For sound samples of Adrian's Gutars visit his Myspace site or Youtube channel.

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