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Luthiers Cory and Grant Batson : Batson Guitars

About Batson brothers (Cory and Grant) and Batson Guitars from

Batson brothers (Cory and Grant) grew up in a very artistic family and both have always had an affinity for art, woodworking and music. Around 1997, when Cory and Grant were working for a custom millwork company, Cory’s guitar was stolen in a theft incident (which the brothers refer to as car-jacking). Around the same time Grant had just sold his ‘67 Mustang to purchase a hand-made George Lowden guitar. This guitar was (and still is) inspiring to the brothers. Cory was desperate to own such an instrument, however, he was flat broke. The custom furniture shop they worked in proved to be a convenient place for Cory to try his hand at building his own guitar in after hours. After all, he was surrounded by wood and tools!

Cory bought a book and the journey began. The first model was impressive for a first shot, but just wasn’t to be compared to that inspirational Lowden. Over the years, the passion and determination grew. Cory has not slowed down in his pursuit of building the guitar of his dreams. That first guitar still sits in the shop and though it’s nowhere near the quality of the guitars made there now, it always gives inspiration and a smile.

Grant says, "We’re just a couple of ordinary guys. We like things that look cool and work great. When we started building guitars, years ago, we just had a passion for music and wood and a strong desire to create with our hands. We didn’t have any big ideas about who we were or how we might impact the guitar community. We just loved being in the shop, loved creating & designing and thinking outside the box. Growing up, our dad was always inventing tools or mechanisms that made life more practical and efficient. So, its easy for us to say that innovation has always been a part of our DNA. We are always looking to make things better. Both of us are perfectionists and are pretty technically inclined and artistic, but Cory’s technical precision defines him as the “engineer” while I take on the “artist” role. We both get bored quickly, so change, for us, is good. Since the conception of our first guitar, each has been one of a kind and has a feature not found on a traditional guitar. We’re still not done and we like it that way."

Batson brothers specialize in what can be termed as non-traditional approach to guitar building, be it their Shortail tail piece, Elevated Finger board, Hemi-spherical Fret ends, Non-traditional woods, truss brace, 'Base in the face' sound hole/port or non-traditional wood choices. They offer Parlor, Grand Concert, Auditorium and Jumbo models and an economical No.5 model (roughly OM style).

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