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Luthier Mark Berry : Mark Berry Guitars

About Mark Berry and Mark Berry Guitars from http://www.markberryguitars.com/

Mark has been a furniture maker for over 25 years, and a luthier for near a decade. He lives and works in Sonoma county (California), which is noted for it's many talented guitar makers and its active luthier community.

Mark was trained at Luthiers School International, and acknowledges the continued support of Harry Fleishman of Fleishman Instruments, as well as a number of other fine luthiers. He is a member of both the Guild of American Luthiers and the Northern California Association of Luthiers. For more on Mark's journey to becoming a luthier, read here. This is what Harry Fleishman had to say about Mark... Mark Berry's ‘Sympatica’ guitars have all the warmth of a fine traditional Spanish Flamenco, with the characteristic snap you'd expect, along with balance and a modern clarity. Listen to Mark Taylor playing his guitars and you'll hear what I mean. When I need advice about Flamenco guitars now, I go to Mark Berry.

Mark's guitars have been recognized by a number of professional musicians. While rooted in the Spanish tradition of guitar making, Mark is unable to control himself, and experiments with additional sound ports, use of carbon fiber and nontraditional bracing patterns in an obsessive attempt to make the best sounding and playing guitar possible. Mark plays guitar with Sara Maria Flamenco, a local flamenco troupe. Being a player himself, he understands what an active guitarist expects from an instrument, which should be a pleasure to play and hear. Mark says...I love to make guitars, and I feel extraordinarily fortunate to do what I love while making a contribution to the living world of music.

Mark offers Classical and Flamenco models.

Mark's site also hosts some sound samples of his guitars on his site, linked below...
Anthony Gladwell | Mark Taylor | Mark Taylor

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