Monday, July 04, 2011

Luthier John Kinnaird : Kinnaird Guitars

About John Kinnaird and Kinnaird Guitars from

John has been making guitars since 1976 and over the years, has learned what makes a good sounding instrument. His shop is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the home of some of the best pickers anywhere. John likes to have visitors.

According to Stephen Kinnaird, (John's brother, also a luthier), It was a turning point for Stephen and his brother John when they visited the shop of J. Rhyne, a luthier in Atlanta, GA. Before then, Stephen assumed guitars could only be made in factories. It was a revelation for them to see a lone individual making world class instruments. They left that day with the ambition to do the same.

John offers following models...
Slope Jumbo | 000 | Mini Jumbo | 00-K | 00-M | Dreadnaught | Westcoast

Here are a couple of audio samples of John's Gutars...

Sample #1 | Sample #2
(000-12 #37, Italian Spruce and Cocobolo, recorded direct to PC using a single Oktava MK012 mic connected to a Behringer UB802 Mixer. No EQ or reverb)

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