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Luthier John How : John How Guitars

About John How and JohnHow Guitars from

John grew up in Northern California as his father worked on various California water projects around the north state, canals and dams and such. As a teenager, he started playing the guitar and was in several bands that mostly just had a lot of fun and not a lot of commercial success although they did have a good fan base and still occasionally plays for those fans with a reunion from time to time.

Along the way he needed to upgrade the old guitar so he decided to try and make one. It was an electric guitar and he still has it tucked away in the shop. Somewhere along the way he got more interested in the acoustic guitar and bought an affordable nice imported guitar. Later, he discovered that a lot of affordable acoustic guitars were made with laminated parts and hus was one of them. He never seemed to like that guitar after that although he still has it too. So John started gathering whatever information he could find for making his own acoustic guitar, but it was around mid 1970's and there was not a lot of information available. He found a violin maker in the town where he lived and who actually helped and guided him to make his first acoustic instrument, a violin, He still has that too. He finally did get around to making an acoustic guitar a couple years later (1986 or so) and has never looked back since, making guitars for himself, friends and any guitar players who happened to cross his path.

When he moved to Cool, Ca. in 2000, he built his current shop and started doing guitars full time. Currently he makes a line of small to medium sized guitars using two styles of bracing, x-bracing and ladder bracing. X-bracing gives a nice full sounding tone that most people are familiar with. Ladder bracing allows the guitar to vibrate in a slightly different way that gives a boost to the midrange of the guitar register and also lets the guitar project better.

John offers three models each in three categories namely...
Ladder-braced : Parlor | Concert | Grand Concert
X-Braced : Parlor | Concert | Grand Concert
Modern : FPetite' | FP | FP Grand

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