Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Luthier Dennis Kwasnycia : Kwasnycia Guitars

About Dennis Kwasnycia and Kwasnycia Guitars from

In 1988, Dennis Kwasnycia began developing his skills by doing repairs on guitars for himself and for friends. As time progressed, his skills and reputation were being recognized by guitar shops across Ontario and they began utilizing his services.

During this time Dennis began acquiring the tools and studying the art of crafting guitars. Since 1997 he has made designing and creating guitars his life's work.

Dennis says, each Kwasnycia guitar is built to the finest detail to meet the needs of every client. My focus is to create one guitar: Player's!

He offers following models...
000 | Small Concert | Classical | Dreadnaught | K45 | Small Jumbo | Jumbo | Plectrum

You can listen to his guitars on his myspace site.

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